Ayla at Rest

This is my child, age 2 and half, one of the twins, number 4 of 5 children. This was painted alla prima. I had about an hour before she moved. She was feeling a little under the weather so she came into the studio where I was working on something else and started clinging to my legs (as often happens).

After I didn’t stop working she climbed up in the big bed in the studio that my great Uncle J.B. made by hand, with the beautifully irregularly turned spindles and the feather down comforter. She asked me to spread out her pink blanket (a tradition that must occur whenever she goes to sleep) that my mother knitted her when I was pregnant with her and her sister.

Her twin sister climbed in too but would not be still and she couldn’t get this one to get up and play. Soon she lost interest and left the studio to play with the other siblings. Meanwhile this sweet one’s eyes got heavier and heavier, so I wipped out a panel and got started sensing the oncoming sleep.

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Dimensions 9 × 12 × 1 in