Commission A Portrait: Portrait Commission Process and Pricing


Portrait Commission Process and Pricing: Oil Portraits

The oil portrait painting require a minimum of two to three in person visits.  The first visit occurs in the RKH Fine Art studio or at your location.  Through a simple photo session, We explore clothing choices, background and other elements. Once the painting is begun in earnest, a final sitting of three hours takes place. The portrait is completed within about six months.


Cameo (8×10 or smaller)  $5,000
Head & Shoulders             $7,500
Half length                           $11,500
Three-quarter length       $16,000
Full length                            $20,000
Additional Figures                 +66%
With Animal                        + $2000

Commission a Portrait: HEIRLOOM CHARCOAL

Portrait Commission process and Pricing: Charcoal Portraits

Charcoal are drawings rendered in gray on the museum standard archival paper. The quality of these tonal drawings is classic and timeless.  Charcoal drawing can be professionally framed under glass for archival preservation. 

A portrait drawing in charcoal would take place over the course of five or six hours.  We begin with a photography session, then the sittings would last 20 minutes at a time with five minute breaks.

*Please Note: Due to COVID-19, 2020 portraits are done from photographic references, and visits to the studio are limited at this time.


Head and Shoulders          $2500
Half Length                           $3500
Three Quarter Length       $4500

Call us at 1-828-664-1828 to schedule your fist sitting today. Contact to find out more, or check out our landscapes.

Take a look also at still life paintings available, or the Hoof & Wing Series.

Ayla at Rest

This is my child, age 2 and half, one of the twins, number 4 of 5 children. This was painted alla prima. I had about an hour before she moved. She was feeling a little under the weather so she came into the studio where I was working on something else and started clinging to…

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