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Rebecca King Hawkinson is an American Artist of Contemporary Realism and representational works of art where the power of colorful light still reigns supreme. The artist works in the tradition of Classical Realism with hand ground paints to create landscapes, still life, and portraits. King Hawkinson was as an apprentice of Benjamin Long IV in North Carolina, who an apprenticed with to Pietro Annigoni, portrait painter of the late Queen Elizabeth of England. You deserve energized tranquility and Classical beauty for your walls. Get your favorite in our collections.

About Rebecca King Hawkinson

Rebecca King Hawkinson, paintings for new house

Twenty-three years ago, in Nîmes, France, a young American stood in a narrow aisle of a French hardware store with “Couleurs & Vernis” etched on the window. She opens a drawer and sees bright powdered pigments in all the colors she has seen spread across the canvases of the Impressionist painters in the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. She purchases scoopfuls of different pigments and takes them back to the studio with her mentor, a famous fresco master. The colors go into landscapes of the French countryside and later, of the Blue Ridge Mountains of the young woman’s home near Montreat, North Carolina.

A Carolina native, King Hawkinson artistic sensibilities are a remix of Renaissance influenced feminine drawing, and a loose broken stroked style. King Hawkinson studied under Carolina native Benjamin Long IV, an oil painter and master fresco artist. King Hawkinson’s paintings are part of private collections in the US, and in Great Britain and France.

“Paint is made of bits of earth and plant oil.  Art is earthy; it stains your hands, and seeps through and stains your soul, crossing the membrane between what is material and what is not. The art of painting is raw.  I see the searing contrast of the lavender ribbon that runs along the branch in the dead of winter only to turn into resonant golden ochre at the tip of the limb. I am the transistor in the radio, the canary in the coal mine, the maligned prophet.  Through art I say true things; I recreate resonance, harmony, and joy.”
-Rebecca King Hawkinson

Artist Rebecca King Hawkinson paints in Italy as the sun sets.

rebecca king hawkinson