drawing classes asheville NC Rebecca King hawkinson

Drawing Classes Asheville NC Rebecca King Hawkinson

Rebecca King Hawkinson teaches young students charcoal and brush drawing.  Watercolor is the medium of choice for  Nature Study.  In these lessons, students study objects from Nature.  Then they use line and form to record what they see with a brush.  Through this study, students learn to use elementary art vocabulary.  In addition, they begin a personal Nature Study journal. Classes are currently available on Friday afternoons in 30 minute and 1 hour time slots. Classes take place at 10 Burnt Ridge Trail Black Mountain NC 28711. Would you like to request an alternative time? Call us at 828-664-1828.

Drawing Classes for Middle and High School Students

Middle and High School Drawing Classes Asheville NC Rebecca King Hawkinson also works with high school student and middle school students.  Classes are one on one or in small groups. Each student is guided to develop a stronger sense as they practice their drawing skills.  Interested in finding out more?  Contact Us.   Classes are currently available on Friday afternoons in 30 minute and 1 hour time slots.

One on One Drawing Classes for Adults

One on One Drawing Classes, Asheville NC Rebecca King Hawkinson. The artist began teaching drawing and painting to others in 2003.  King Hawkinson was a faculty member at the Fine Arts League of the Carolinas, an art school for adults. Here and in her private studio, King Hawkinson has taught many adults drawing and painting.

Developing skill in observation is the chief guide in learning to draw.  Artists develop these powers of observation through drawing.  As they progress, they develop their own unique voice to translate and record their observations.

Travel Landscape Painting Trips to Learn

Landscape Painting Immersions provide an excellent way to learn the craft of Oil Landscape Painting. Seven to 10 day painting trips with Rebecca King Hawkinson are available for Women ages 18 and up.

Student artists receive instruction directly from the artist on site.  We spend each morning and evening on location painting. In addition, the artist plans trips to Museums.

This is a unique and life changing experience for artists.  Student artist will develop their oil landscape painting skill and their unique voice as an artist.  Travel Intensives are available in France, Ireland, Italy, Wales, and Scotland and Canada.

Please contact us to begin a conversation about planning your Travel Painting Intensive with Artist Rebecca King Hawkinson.

Rebecca King Hawkinson at work in Dingle Ireland


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