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Rebecca King Hawkinson
Artist Rebecca King Hawkinson
I aim to offer you  irresistible beauty in lush realism in every painting you collect.  View the painting on your wall below, and let's connect. If there is a red dot the painting is already in a collection, but there are many beautiful options we can discuss for you. Send me a message ---->

Oil on Panel
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Weathered Barn 2017 12×16 Oil on Panel

Oil Painting Weathered Barn

Can’t get enough of the sun on this weathered barn. Its tin roof carries beautiful connections of warm light cool shadows. The dynamic change of nature is a favorite subject for me.  The slipping shadow, and the contrasts with the old barn and the rustling tree. Painted in a rush as the sun slipped down this one just holds together with the same frenetic energy of some of my other recent works of art created on site in the elements.

Made an Archival 100% chalk gesso and hide glue ground formula and hand ground oil pigment colors from Blue Ridge Oil Colors.

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Dimensions 12 × 16 × 1.5 in