Hoof & Wing

Hoof & Wing: Beyond Lascaux

“The mystery of our connection with nature is the main idea behind the images and textures in these paintings. Animals like these are like us and not like us, and our connection to them is still very much fundamental question for contemporary people even as it was for ancient man.”

-Rebecca King Hawkinson

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“Hoof & Wing” is a celebration of life in motion, with horses and birds taking flight amidst many textured backgrounds. The paintings are a contemporary play on the organic textures of the cave walls at Lascaux France, which houses the 20,000-year-old Paleolithic art of the Dordogne region.

A connection to France has often played a role for King Hawkinson, a Black Mountain native, whose travels to Europe as a young artist lead to the exploration of the most ancient arts of the cultures of Dordogne and the Etruscans in Italy. Landscapes of Western North Carolina and from France sit comfortably side by side horses and winged hawks in this new show by King Hawkinson.

The paintings at Lascaux offer a peek into the importance of symbolic movements and relationships between animal and man, movement and rest.

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