Landscape Painting Immersions Abroad

Landscape Painting Immersions provide an excellent way to learn the craft of Oil Landscape Painting with rigor, repetition, and focus. 7-10 day immersion learning experiences with Rebecca King Hawkinson in Oil Landscape Painting are available for Women ages 18 and up.

Rebecca King Hawkinson

Student artists receive individual instruction and trip planning services from Rebecca King Hawkinson.  We spend each morning and evening on location in the field painting, as well as visit original paintings housed in the destination Country Museums. We will discuss and experience applied color theory in landscape painting, exploring a limited palette, color relationships, oil painting mediums and their proper application in the construction of an oil painting.
This is a unique and life changing experience for artists intent on developing their oil landscape painting skill and developing their unique voice as an artist.  Travel Intensives are available in France, Ireland, Italy, Wales, and Scotland and Canada.
Please contact us to begin a conversation about planning your Travel Painting Intensive with Artist Rebecca King Hawkinson.