Turk’s Cap Lily


Oil on Panel
14 x 18
100% Archival hand Ground Oil Paints

“What is your process,” you ask?  I love to work on hand prepared gessoed panels. I use the old fashioned hide glue mixed with chalk to give the painting luminosity.  The light shines through the particles of pigment to reflect the light, and scatter the beautiful waves/particles of light back in your eyes.  Once I’ve gone to town with mixing color and making strokes, you see the energy I had when I painted that stroke all diffracted with colors so bright.

I especially love pursing this energy when I am painting something ephemeral like this Turk’s Cap Lily.  These flowers aren’t around for long on the mountain, but the one I have began to raise its hidden head, after we disturbed the woods to build our house.  Just think how many hidden possibilities for beauty are hidden in the forest floor.  What a thought!

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Turk's Cap Lily Lilium

Turks Cap Lily in Progress Rebecca King Hawkinson Turks Cap Lily in Progress Rebecca King Hawkinson Turk's Cap Lily in Frame Rebecca King Hawkinson

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Dimensions 14 × 18 × .25 in
Artwork Dimensions