Snowy Branches

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How the gray creaking branches filled up with snow that day, shrouded in the muffled mystery. I completed this oil painting, Snowy Branches, on a 8 by 6 hand prepared gessoed panel just this month in February 2020. This gem is available for you to collect right now, and valued just right if you are starting your collection. This painting brings beauty and mystery to your everyday. Western North Carolina is a unique ecosystem, the diversity and healing qualities of so much forest life clinging to the sides of our many mountains is a balm to the soul. ⁠

“…Whose woods these are I think I know. ⁠
His house is in the village though; ⁠
He will not see me stopping here ⁠
To watch his woods fill up with snow.” ⁠

Can you name the poet?⁠

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Snowy Branches Oil painting


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