Biography of Rebecca King Hawkinson

Art Rebecca King Hawkinson Biography

This is the official biography of American Artist Rebecca King Hawkinson, born in Asheville, North Carolina in 1980. Rebecca King Hawkinson is a prolific American Naturalist, Landscape Painter and Realist.  The artist has produced and placed over 180 paintings in private collections in the US and abroad since the inception of Hawkinson’s career in 1999.

Emerging Career

In 1998, King left high school early to study at Montreat College in Black Mountain, NC.  Subsequently, in the same year American Artist and Fresco Master Benjamin Long IV completed his fresco mural on the Montreat College campus entitled, The Prodigal Son. Hawkinson began formal studies with Long in 1999. In addition, Hawkinson began plein air painting in 1999 on a five week trip to Long’s studio in the South of France.

Rebecca King Hawkinson Biography on the Fresco with Jill Hooper and Christopher Holt
Rebecca King Hawkinson, Christopher Holt, and Jill Hooper work to prepare plaster for Ben Long’s Fresco at the Sloop Chapel in Crossnore, NC.


In December the same year, she married Paul Nathan Hawkinson. She began showing her work in solo and groups shows.  In addition, she continued work as a studio assistant to Long, a fresco apprentice, and as a color assistant. Then, in subsequent years, Hawkinson returned to the fields of Europe to create many more works of art.  As a result, she built a sizable collection of fine art available to collectors. Private Collections in Europe and the United States house works of Art by King Hawkinson.

Teaching, More Travel, More Art

Hawkinson taught drawing and oil painting from 2005-2012 at the Fine Arts League of the Carolinas in Asheville.  In 2006, Hawkinson traveled with friend and artist Christopher Holt to France and Italy to paint, later meeting up with Ben Long and artist John Dempsey to continue painting and then with American artist Jill Hooper to paint in Wales.  In 2010, Hawkinson gave birth to a daughter, Eden Hope.  Hawkinson completed a large commission in 2011 and prepared to return to Italy for a spring and then a fall trip to Fiesole outside of Florence.

Growing Family & Publication

Hawkinson gave birth to a third child, Orin Ransom in 2012. The next year, Hawkinson began traveling in the US to paint in new locations including Carmel, CA.  In 2015, Hawkinson’s poem “The Golden Days are Numbered” was published by Mothers Always Write, an online journal of poetry and essays on Motherhood. Hawkinson gave birth to twin girls, Ayla Brynne and Tessa Grace in 2015.  Paul and Rebecca Hawkinson together completed a construction on a hand built custom wooden studio and home designed by Rebecca in Black Mountain, NC in 2016.  Hawkinson’s art and biography was featured in the Carolina Home + Garden article “Unstill Life” by Tom Kerr in April of 2016.